Circuit Sports Mazda Miata NA/NB adjustable tubular front upper control arms is a direct
replacement of the factory unit. These arms are designed to resists flexing with its tubular
design to withstand the stress under load. They include a sliding ball joint allowing enthusiast to fully adjust the front camber a minimum of +/- 4 degrees to carefully tune the vehicle to increase steering
efforts, improvements in high-speed stability, and cornering effectiveness. The new FUCA uses a Teflon spherical Heim joint with steel spacers to replace stock rubber bushings to guarantee long lasting quality and allow your suspension to move freely yet precisely to ensure controlled suspension movement that you would require in competitive driving.

Torque specification :

Upper ball joint castellated nut: 31-44 ft/lbs

Hex bolts: 6 ft/lbs

Long bolt: 87-101 ft/lbs

* All Circuit Sports products are backed by a limited life time warranty against defects and workmanship.*

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