Make: Toyota / Scion / Subaru

Model: 86 / FR-S / BRZ

Chassis: ZN6 / ZC6

Engine: FA20

Year: 2012 Up

Part#: 965 051 A

Note: This kit comes with cusco radiator cap (1.3kPa) / Hose Bands / Tank Bands / Heater Hose / Reservoir Tank / Mounting Stay / Dammy Radiator Cap

Cusco Reservoir Tank:

The water pump on an engine is constantly being driven and is all relative to the crankshaft revolution. During a more aggressive maneuver typically at the higher RPM region, the water is circulated with more flow.
This circulation is at times too strong that it becomes prone to bubbling which then leads to cavitation. The final effect of this occurrence is that the cooling efficiency of the engine suffers from within the water jacket passages, hindering the internal combustion process.

The high quality polished aluminum tank promotes a smoother water flow to prevent cavitation, reducing negative thermodynamic effects for the benefit of engine performance.
The layout and the high placement of the external reservoir makes bleeding the system of air an ease.

Designed exclusively for the 86 & BRZ as well as Cusco brand products such as the Engine Oil Cooler, Strut Tower Bar, and Power Braces for concurrent fitment!
This product is not designed to work with other manufacturer components.