The Revolution RS for the Nissan 370Z is a light-weight Y-back exhaust with large diameter piping and an aggressive growl. The system includes a high flow Y-pipe that connects both engine banks through dual 2.5” (63.5mm) piping that merge smoothly into 3” (76mm) piping and a large resonator on the mid-pipe. The system exits an extra long, high-flow, RS muffler on the driver-side to manage sound output and avoid having to relocate the EVAP system. Dyno test have shown 11whp / 16ft-lbs gain on a normally-aspirated VQ37HR engine. Even with the large diameter piping, there is a 50% weight savings over the OEM stock system. Like all GReddy Revolution RS systems, it is a fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust, that carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Make: Nissan

Model: (Z34) 370Z

Years: 2009-17

 Chassis: Z34

Engine: VQ37HR

Type: Cat-back system, Single exit (large diameter single muffler system)

Number of pieces: 3pcs

Piping: 2x 63.5 (2.5mm) - 76 mm (3.0")

Muffler Canister: 160mm (6.3") dia.

Tip: 115mm (4.5") x L170mm (6.7")

Gasket(s): 3.0" oval (qty: 2 included) replacement

Resonator: yes

Weight: 28.8 lbs   (Stock weight  57.2 lbs)

Sound level: 102 dB(a) 

HP: +11 hp

TRQ: +16 ft-lbs