HKS Full Dual Muffler:

Compatible with

  • Engine: VQ37VHR
  • Year: 2013 Up
  • Model: Q50
  • Chassis: V37


  • Material: S304 Stainless Steels with Titanium Tip
  • Style: HP (Titan)
  • Tip O.D.: 120 L&R
  • Pipe Size: 60
  • Consist of 2
  • Close Sound Level: Stock 68 / HKS 86
  • Idling Sound Level: Stock 55 / HKS 73
  • Diameter of Center Pipe: 60 *Diameter of center pipe is the portion that has the largest diameter. (Excluding silencer and tip.)
    It is the condition with stock suspension.

About Road Clearance: Minimum road clearance between HKS muffler (Any parts included in the kit) and road surface.
Therefore, it may be different from actual road clearance of the vehicle. The data is basically the condition with stock suspension.
However, please understand that some items have data with low down spring or ride height adjustable suspension kit.

  • Clearance: 120mm
  • Portion of the kit: Under Panel

Kit Includes:

  • Main / Stay / Bolts Nuts Washers (Please See the picture)


  • The ground clearance remains the same after installing this product. ?Noise level with a cap: 87dB (63dB)
  • Rear Section Only

HKS Dual Muffler

The innovative layout exhaust system that combines both sound and power:

Without the factory large shells, the exhaust structure was recreated to the straight and 4 exhaust tips layout to reduce so as to reduce the back pressure.
All stainless and large titanium exhaust tips enhance the appearance I in addition to its functions. The light and sporty exhaust sound make driving more fun.
With the provided cap, it can change the exhaust sound quiet.

  • Dual layout: Improve sound quality by utilizing the dual tip exhaust layout used in luxury sports cars.
  • SUS304 and titanium: All stainless and large titanium exhaust tips enhance the appearance in addition to its functions.
  • HKS original sound making method: Based on the concept of sound that resonates in the human mind,
    we have specialized in sound creation, following the technology we have cultivated in the past exhaust development.
  • Proven "Advantex * glass wool" (Continuous fiber glass wool): Advantex is a registered trademark of Owens Corning.

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