HKS Twin Power (High Performance Ignition System):

Compatible with

  • Engine: 4A-GE
  • Model: MR-2
  • Year: 1984-1989
  • Chassis: W10

Kit Includes:

  • Only Distributor Type / Harness / Bolts Sets / Tie Wrap

HKS Twin Power:

  • HKS Twin Power is an ignition amplifier strictly for gasoline engines. Perfect for the tuning engines with high boost and high performance spark plugs.
    Also great for non tuned engines to obtain better engine response. Available for both turbo and NA engine.

Hot Points:

  • Incorporates both the CDI and transistor method ignition.
  • Produces ignition output that is about 1.5 through 2.5 times stronger than stock.
  • Provides better engine torque & response with a stronger spark.
  • Provides great ignition performance for high boost & rpm engines.
  • Ensures precise engine start and stable idling with high performance spark plugs
  • Works with a vehicle with a direct ignition systems
  • Works with a vehicle with an internal igniter ignition system
  • Light and compact, can be mounted virtually anywhere
  • The internal DC-DC converter allows operation over 6V
  • Works effectively under the difficult combustion conditions such as rapid acceleration or cooling down
  • Made In Japan

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