Tomei Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold Header For High Power Tuned Car

Model: 2003-2014 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Japanese Model

Engine: EJ20 Twin Scroll Turbo

Chassis: GDB C-G / GRB A-D / GVB C-D

TM-TB6010-SB01A Specs:

Material: SUS304
Flange Thickness: 8.0mm
Layout: 4-2-2
Port Exit Collector: 42.7
Collector Support Pipe: 45.0
Support Pipe: 45.0
Pipe Thickness: 2.0mm
Total Weight: 9.7kg (Stock 13.1kg)


Exhaust Manifold
Turbine Support Pipe
E/G EXH. - Support Pipe Gasket
Turbine - Front Pipe Gasket
Support Pipe - Turbine Gasket
Cap Bolt M10 x L=P=1.5
Flat Washer M10
Flange Nut M10 x P=1.5
Stud Bolt M10 x P=1.25
Bolt Smooth Paste
Upgraded Thermal Bandage (Titan Exhaust Bandage) 20m x 5cm
Bandage Band
Tomei Sticker
Expreme Sticker
Installation Manual

With many exhaust manifolds released so far, we've always designed our headers with Performance, Reliability and quality aspects in mind. Now we have a new model that is compatible with GDB, GRB and GVB. Introducing the highly acclaimed EJ twin scroll EXPREME header. With the very best of the TOMEI exhaust technology, this new design will deliver balanced optimized performance for power, torque and feeling.

1.Sensational Response!
2.More Power at High RPM
3.Dry Racing Sound
5.Equal length Design
6.Weight Reduction

For Offroad Use Only