Tomei Expreme Straight Down Pipe Ver.2

Model: 2002-07 Subaru WRX USDM

Engine: EJ20 / EJ25 Single Scroll

Chassis: GD

TM-TB6060-SB02A Specs:

Material: Full SUS304 (Stock: Steel)
Pipe Diameter 76.3 (Stock: 60.5)
Pipe Thickness: 1.5mm
Flange Thickness: 11.0-10.0
Weight: 4.3kg (STD: 10.3kg)


Down Pipe A
Down Pipe B
Turbine Gasket
Muffler Gasket
Clamp Band
Cap Bolt
Flange Bolt
Flange Nut
Hex Nut
Blind Plug
Copper Washer
Disc Spring
Bolt Smooth Paste
Upgraded Thermal Bandage (Titan Exhaust Bandage) 20m x 5cm
Bandage Band

Tomei Catless Straight Down Pipe dramatically improve exhaust flow and significantly reduce over 53% of weight vs. stock down pipe. Addition to massive torque and power increase and lightness dramatically improves handling.

For Offroad Use Only