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High performance and super lightweight design. Unleash the full potential of your R35 with the new FULL TITANIUM EXHAUST SYSTEM.

Complete exhaust system including mid section
Compatible with stock diffuser
Exhaust sound test levels at 4700rpm - 109db

Specs compare to standard

The exhaust flow design was the main focus in the pipe design, the best pipe thickness for weight and strength with pipe diameter to suit torque and all power gains throughout the entire power band.

Material: Titanium (STD: Steel)
Main Pipe A Diameter: 102.0mm (STD: 70.0mm)
Main Pipe B Diameter: 102.0mm-76.3mm (STD: 70.0mm)
Main Pipe Thickness: 1.0mm (STD: 1.5mm)
Silencer Diameter: 152.0mm x L=170x2 (STD: 110mm x L=400x2)
Exit Tip Diameter: 130mm x 4 (STD: 120mm x 4)
Exit Tip Thickness: 1.0mm (STD: 1.5mm)
Weight: 14.4kg (STD: 30.25kg)

Kit Contents:

Mid pipe LH x 1
Mid pipe RH x 1
Y pipe x 1
Main pipe A x 1
Main pipe B x 1
Silencer LH x 1
Silencer RH x 1
Silencer band LH1 x 1
Silencer band LH2 x 1
Silencer band RH1 x 1
Silencer band RH2 x 1
Exhaust tip long x 2
Exhaust tip short x 2
Silencer band rubber x 4
Gasket x 2
Flange nut M10 x 4
A/F sensor plug x 1
Copper washer x 1
Flange bolt M8 x 4
Flange nut M8 x 4
Clamp band 104-112 x 2
Clamp band 79-85 x 8
Thermal insulation sheet x 1
Bolt smooth paste x 1

Note: Designed for off road purposes only.

The Tomei product concept is "To produce a great product for ultimate driving pleasure". This time our latest product developments have been in these new Titanium exhaust systems. In recent years we have seen a growing trend in clubman racing series and more users enjoying their cars at track events. Seeing that there are power restrictions from the bolt on exhaust systems that are currently available on the market, we have decided to make a better product. Not for just power but for weight reductions and the best value for money product. So here we have our true competition use design exhaust system.

We wanted to make an exhaust system that will allow you enjoy your car more from the sound of the engine. Increased performance gains with the best power and response was the main target points. Through the use of minimal bends and the optimum pipe size we were able to achieve this goal. To improve the performance of the engine with just the muffler system alone isn't easy. So with the use of our Titanium material we were able to further reduce unwanted weight without compromise to the products overall strength. So with the strong commitment to our values and targets we were able to make a great product for all to enjoy.

Our product was developed based on this philosophy, for enjoyment and results. Our Titanium material was developed with new revolutionary methods which helps save on unnecessary costs which help us pass the savings on to you. A high quality product at an unbeatable price. The package includes everything that is needed to install the product straight out of the box. No need to hunt for any additional parts as all the springs, clamps, bands and bolts are included to get this product onto your car immediately. We've done the hard work for you so you can enjoy your car with our product and know that the quality is there to last.