Tomei Expreme Turbine Outlet Pipe

Model: Nissan Skyline GT-R

Engine: RB26DETT

Chassis: BNR32 / BCNR33 / BNR34

TM-TB6020-NS05A Specs:

Material: Full SUS304
Welds: Complete One Piece
Diameter: 68mm (Stock 55mm)
Flange Thickness: 12mm
O2 Sensor Boss / Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor Boss


Outlet Pipe Set
Bolts / Fitting Gear
Installation Manual

Note: Previous Part# 421201

Maximum Strength & Efficiency With Lost Wax!!
The stock turbine outlet pipes internal diameters are small and restrictive which raises the secondary exhaust pressure. When the secondary exhaust pressure rises it will cause power loss and lack of response with unstable boost pressure. The TOMEI outlet pipes have been specifically designed with the larger internal diameter to improve exhaust gas flow efficiency with the reduction in the secondary exhaust gas pressure. This design has been proven effective on the engine bench dyno R&D as well as in the real world environment as proven on the race tracks with our ARMS turbines.

1.The light weight SUS304 material is used for strength and anti-rust properties
2.The lost wax process helps ensure the exhaust leaks are prevented
3.Manufactured via lost wax process to eliminate the use of welds

For Offroad Use Only