Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold Header for Turbo charging the KA24DE

Make: Nissan 240SX

Engine: KA24DE

Chassis: S13 / S14

TM-TB601A-NS16A Specs:

Material: Austenitic Ductile Cast Iron
Layout: 4-2-1
Pipe Diameter: INT I.D 40.0mm / OUT I.D. 48.6mm
Pipe Thickness: 5.0mm
Flange Thickness: Front 13.0mm / Rear 14.0mm
Flange Type: T25
Weight: 5.6kg


Exhaust Manifold
Flange Bolt
Flange Nut
Stud Bolt
Hex Nut
Lock Plate
Bolt Smooth Paste
Expreme Sticker
Installation Manual
Upgraded Thermal Bandage (Titan Exhaust Bandage) 10m x 5cm
Bandage Band

1.Feature the same technology as the Tomei SR20DET turbo manifold with proven Unequal Length design for outstanding turbo spool/response times
2.The TOMEI EXPREME KA24DE/240SX turbo exhaust manifold features a dividing plate (just before the turbo flange) separating the port into left and right chambers. With the KA24DE firing sequence being 1-3-4-2 , this dividing plate allows for the exhaust gasses from each cylinder to be channeled alternately between the left and right chambers, reducing exhaust gas interference for a smoother flow of exhaust gasses to the turbocharger.
3.SR20DET turbo flange type/size/positioning allows for SR20DET turbo and exhaust parts to be installed.
4.Our new turbo manifold allows for either stock or aftermarket (direct replacement bolt-on) SR20DET turbos to be installed.

For Offroad Used Only