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Model: Nissan

Engine: RB26DETT / RB25DE(T) / RB20DE(T)

Teeth: 141

Belt Width: 25mm

Note: Previous Part#: 151051

TOMEI Timing Belt:

Point 1: Ultra Durable

Rubber Belt Teeth & Cover Fabric: The belt teeth are made using a specially formulated fiber-infused rubber compound and a wear-resistant low friction cover fabric.
These materials are an upgrade over traditional OEM counterparts, increasing belt longevity whilst also reducing operating noise.

Tensile Cord: Strong glass fiber cords of high tensile strength are used to reinforce the belt, helping to minimize belt stretch even under high / heavy loads.

Top Layer: The low-friction, crack resistant blue top layer helps prolong the life span of the belt whilst also keeping operating noise to a minimum.

Point 2: Quiet Operation

Wear-resistant, low friction top layer and cover fabric minimizes operating noise.

Point 3: Precision Made

Each belt is made to precision, helping to keep your engine timing in sync and deliver a consistent level of high performance.