Model: Nissan GT-R

Engine: VR38DETT

Chassis: R35

Type: IN / EX Set


  • Weight: 6.9g (Stock: 5.0)

Type: IN / EX Set


  • Intake Side Valve Spring Retainers x 12
  • Exhaust Side Valve Spring Retainers x 12

Compatible Valve Springs: For Tomei


  • Titanium Weight and Material: The strength and weight characteristics of this material showed best results during test conditions of 5,000
    revolutions per minute during the load conditions from the valve spring and camshaft.
  • Precision: The light weight design aids with smoother operations and provides improved dynamic balancing to the valve train. The valve retainer’s precision is
    an absolute must to secure the valve and valve spring in place. The TOMEI precision design guarantees the optimum smooth operation process of opening and closing of the valves.