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Engine: EJ20 / EJ25 Series

Chassis: GD / GR / GV

Note: Black Color

TOMEI Turbo Suction Hose For Subaru Impreza WRX STI EJ GD GR GV Blue:

Dramatically Reduces Intake Restrictions. Gain More Power and Increased Response.
This product was specifically designed to reduce the restriction of the intake airflow to the turbo,
which will improve response and achieve increased power gains. The silicones reinforced structural design
prevents the deformation of the hose whilst under high loads of pressure.
This also increases durability and reliability whilst optimizing the Turbos performance.

Efficiency and Durability:

With a larger flow capacity and reduced resistance. The pipe was designed to be as straight as possibly allowed. The reinforced hose design allows the hose to maintain its structure during high boost conditions. 
This then assists the turbo obtain a stable consistent flow of air.

Compatibility Range:

The adapters are also supplied with the kit to allow compatibility up to 3 different popular turbo types.
Using the adapter A (56mm)- GDB stock turbo or similar.
Using the adapter B (58mm)- TOMEI ARMS Turbo M7760 / TOMEI ARMS Turbo M7960 / GRB Stock Turbo or similar.
Non-use adapter - TOMEI ARMS M8265 or similar.

Direct Bolt-On:

The product was designed to allow ease of installation and removal. The 2 nipple locations on the pipe are removable. This allows the product to be broken down with ease to minimize labor time.