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HKS is a renowned Japanese company specializing in high-performance automotive parts and tuning solutions, celebrated globally for its engineering excellence and innovative products. Founded in 1973 by Hiroyuki Hasegawa and Goichi Kitagawa, HKS quickly established itself as a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry by producing some of the first turbocharger kits and engine management systems specifically designed for compact sports cars. The company's extensive product lineup includes turbochargers, exhaust systems, suspension components, intercoolers, fuel management systems, and electronic controllers that cater to both street enthusiasts and professional racers. HKS products are known for their precision, reliability, and ability to significantly enhance vehicle performance, making the brand a favorite among tuning enthusiasts and motorsport competitors. The firm's ongoing commitment to research and development, combined with its rich heritage in Japanese motorsports, continues to solidify HKS as a pioneering and influential force in the world of automotive performance.

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