HKS, since 1973, is developing products to enrich the society by maximizing customers' pleasure of driving cars.
HKS is watching the evolution of automobiles in a serious manner to derive the best driving performance and maximize customers' pleasure.
We continue to challenge ourselves.


HKS has been conducting various businesses. Design, development, and manufacturing of automobile parts including original exhaust systems and suspension, turbochargers, electronic parts, and related parts are mainstream.
The development of race engines and ultralight plane engines is also highly regarded. Furthermore, by utilizing the technology accumulated through the development of the gasoline engine parts, modification of a diesel engine to convert to a natural gas engine, and development of the Bi-fuel system development have carried out. HKS continues to challenge new business from now on.


A vehicle was originally made just for transportation; nowadays it has become a tool to highlight its style, design, and performance. Tuning was created by this significant change.
It can be said that the history of tuning is the history of HKS.
We have been observing the vehicle performance carefully and developing a product from scratch, and we have been growing as a pioneer of tuning.