Tomei VALC Profile Camshafts

Tomei VALC Profile Camshafts

VALC Profile.

*Optimized 'velocity' and 'acceleration'.
*Designed for high power setups.
*Optimizes engine performance.
*Higher lift than other profiles of the duration.
*Reduced stress/wear on the valve train.

1. The VALC profile allows the valves to open faster and for longer. This translates to faster lift and increased area under the 'lift curve' (see fig. below) which in turn generates more power. (Greater area under the 'lift curve' = greater air intake).




2. Unlike the valve opening, the VALC profile ensures that the valves close at a slower rate, helping to prevent common valve train related issues.

3. With a conventional direct-acting valve train, the maximum lift is usually determined by the size/diameter of the valve lifter. Selecting a high-lift camshaft without taking this into consideration often results in the camshaft lobes travelling beyond the surface of the valve lifter. This causes the lobe to make contact with the edge of the lifter, damaging both components over time. (see fig. below). Therefore, the ideal performance orientated high-lift camshaft needs to have a profile that maximizes lobe travel on the lifter without exceeding the outer edge.

VALC profile camshafts have achieved this ideal by deliberately reducing the maximum cam velocity to limit lobe travel on the lifter surface.(Maximum cam velocity = lobe travel distance on lifter)


High lift profile without taking lifter size/radius into account.

4. Compared to standard profile camshafts of the same lift, VALC profile camshafts are able to then then off-set the difference for even greater lift/performance gains.
  Conventional profile based on lifter size/radius.
   'VALC' profile.
''VALC' profile + additional lift.
Lift comparison between a conventional profile and 'VALC' profile.

How a radiator coolant overflow tank works.

How a radiator coolant overflow tank works.

Read this online and thought to share with everyone how important is the coolant overflow tank.

The cooling system of a car may seem to work fine without any additional equipment attached to it but that will not save the cooling system of your car from any environmental damage like rust due to the way coolant and the radiator works.

Rust can be formed inside the cooling system of your car due to air getting into the radiator after the engine has cooled down.

When the coolant cools after the engine has been turned off, it contracts in volume which will result in a drop of temperature and pressure inside the radiator allowing the air to enter the radiator through the radiator cap.

That air will result in the formation of rust in the cooling system when it comes into contact with the metal in the system.

When rust has formed inside the radiator, you will have no choice but to flush out the system and replace the antifreeze. However, a radiator coolant overflow tank can prevent this problem before it even starts. This saves you the expense of frequent coolant replacements and possibly the expensive cost replacing a radiator or other components of the cooling system.

How a Radiator Overflow Tank Works

The radiator overflow tank is fairly simple device but it can save you a lot of money by preventing rust from forming in the cooling system of your car. When the engine is running at its optimum performance, it needs the engine coolant to keep it within the operational temperatures.

The engine coolant absorbs the heat from the engine. When this coolant heats in the radiator, it begins to expand causing an increase in the pressure in the cooling system of that vehicle.

When the pressure of the coolant in the radiator surpasses the designed pressure of the radiator cap, the antifreeze passes the radiator cap seal and flows into the coolant reservoir overflow tank through the overflow tube.

When the engine has been turned off, the coolant will start to cool down as well. As it cools down, it will contract in volume as well. This decrease in volume will result in a vacuum because of a drop in pressure.

Due to this vacuum, a vacuum valve in the radiator cap opens allowing the coolant which was flown into the radiator coolant overflow tank back into the radiator.

In older vehicles with no coolant overflow bottle, the air is sucked into the radiator instead of coolant which results in the formation of rust. So installing an overflow tank in your car is a good way to not only maintain the cooling system of your car but to save repairs and replacement expenses in the long run as well.


Tomei LSD Explained

Tomei LSD Explained

Tomei Technical Trax LSD Developement Theme

  • Amazon Torque
  • Amazing Response
  • Heat Resistance
  • Unmatched Durability
  • Minimal Maintenance

True Enjoyment From RWD Cars

T-TRAX ADVANCE has several advantages over similar products from other manufacturers. It features optimized cam angles, spring discs, larger surface area clutch discs, and a higher initial torque setting. These all translate to improved corner entry, more precise driving, better corner exit traction as well as a quicker response through successive corners. T-TRAX ADVANCE offers superior performance in every way.


T-Trax Features

T-Trax Installation

LSD & Differential Gears explanation


Jun Auto Japan - NEW RELEASE: GT Surge Tank for FT86/BRZ

Jun Auto Japan - NEW RELEASE: GT Surge Tank for FT86/BRZ

JUN Machine Shop has added the GT Surge Tank for Toyota FT86 and SUBARU BRZ. Now it is on sale.

We considered the characteristics of the natural aspiration engine for making this surge tank. Then we paid attention to inertial supercharge properties of the intake manifold to make use of a quality of the natural aspiration. The inertial supercharge peaked in the stock in about 7200rpm, but we calculated a port cross section and the port length and designed it in about 8000rpm to become greatest. In addition, we attach funnels to each branch in the surge tank and note the distribution of each cylinder.


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