Note: If you are not sure whether this LSD would work on your car, please send us a message with the information about your car and we will find out for you.

Application Spec.

For 2003+ Mazda RX-8 LA-SE3P 13B-MSP with STD Torsen Diff
MT/AT Transmission
Location: Rear

TC101B-MZZC1 - LSD Specs:

1.5 Way Multiple Plate Clutch LSD
The Technical Trax LSD unit is based on the multiple plate clutch design. With this design the multiple friction clutch plates are located between the side gears and the differential casing and utilize the pinion and cam gears. This is a torque proportional type LSD. In the usual differential arrangement it is connected to both left & right axles directly, when the driving force of one side differs in speed the pinion gear with the cam angle forces the clutch plates to compress and grip to in effect transfer the driving torque evenly to both axles. The T-TRAX ADVANCE has adopted this system which has proven its effectiveness as the best for 2WD applications.

12 discs / size L
External Teeth Friction Disc: 6 Plates
Internal Teeth Friction Disc: 6 Plates
Spring Disc Ex. Teeth: 2 Plates / In. Teeth: 2 Plates
Initial Torque Pre-setting: 15.0-18.0kg.m

LSD Unit Specs:

Size of ring gear bolts: M10
Number of ring gear bolts: 10
Ring gear bolts PCD: 160mm

Side flanges:
Number of teeth: 30T
Snap ring: Right side - Without / Left side - Without
Washer: Both side - Without
Snap ring groove: Right side - With / Left side - With


Tomei LSD x 1
2 Litters of Low Friction High Grade Oil x 1