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High performance and super lightweight design. Unleash the full potential of your 2013-2018 Ford Focus ST with the new FULL TITANIUM Muffler System.

Specs compare to standard

The exhaust flow design was the main focus in the pipe design, the best pipe thickness for weight and strength with pipe diameter to suit torque and all power gains throughout the entire power band.

Material: Titanium / (STD: Steel)
Main Pipe Diameter: 80.5mm / (STD: 65.4-55.0-59.6mm)
Main Pipe Thickness: 1.0mm / (STD: 2.0mm)
Center Silencer Diameter: 118.0mm / (STD: 185.4 x 141.2mm)
Center Silencer Thickness: 1.0mm / (STD: N/A)
Main Silencer Diameter: 152.0mm / (STD: N/A)
Main Silencer Thickness: 1.0mm / (STD: N/A)
Exhaust Tip Diameter: 115mm
Exhaust Tip Thickness: 1.0mm
Flange Thickness: 8.0mm / (STD: 10.0mm)
Weight: 22.0 lbs / (STD: 43.0 lbs)

Kit Contents:

Main pipe A
Main pipe B
Main pipe C
Silencer Band
Silencer Band Rubber 152mm
Flange Gasket 763-2-105
Flange Gasket 80-2-105
Flange Gasket 635-2-99
Clamp Band 79-85
Flange Bolt M10 x P1.25 35mm
Flange Nut M10 P1.25
Flange bolt M8 P1.25 L=25mm
Flange Nut M8 P1.25
A/F Sensor Plug M15 x P1.5
Copper Washer M18-1.0
Sound Reducer ver. 2 - 115mm
Hex Key
Bolt smooth paste

Note: Designed for off road purposes only.