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Tomei USA Forged Billet Full Counterweight Stroker Crankshaft For Toyota 2JZ-GTE - 94.0mm (3.4L)

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Tomei Full Counterweight Stroker crankshaft for Toyota 2JZ-GTE
Note: Tomei piston kit and connecting rods are required to achieve 3.4L.


Stroke: 94.00mm (OEM +8.0)
Crank Pin: 52.0mm
Main Journal: 62.0mm
Counterweight: Full (12)
Material: 4340
Surface Treatment: Nitriding
Weight: 21.7kg

Tomei Crankshaft:

The reciprocating motion of the pistons is converted to rotary motion to rotate the wheels. Since the revolution is at high speed, high torsional and bending rigidity and wear resistance of the shaft are also important.

1. High balance ratio full counterweight: Weights are placed on the arms on both sides of the crankpin to increase the balance ratio of the counterweight against the inertia of the piston up-and-down motion and crankpin rotational inertia, thereby reducing vibration and minimizing bending to prevent uneven bearing contact.
2. Edge shaped counterweight - Resistance and load of hitting the oil in the oil pan during rotation are reduced by sharpening both ends of the weight.
3. X design 2 port lubrication - The amount of oil supplied is increased by supplying oil from two crank journals which improves resistance to bearing seizure.
4. WPC processing of crank pulley mount - The seizing problem of crank pulley is prevented by improved seizure resistance effect of WPC treatment.
5. Precision quality control - Accurate processing with CNC machines and precision inspection with 3D measuring machines maintain quality with high precision.

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