Designed For Upgrade Toyota 2JZ-GTE 3.6L Engine Full Counterweight Crankshaft


Engine: 2JZ-GTE

Model (L): 3.6

Stroke (mm): 100.0 (Stock +14.0)

Crank Pin (mm): 52.0

Main Journal (mm): 62.0

Counterweight: Full (12)

Material: 4340

Surface Treatment: Nitriding

Weight (kg): 21.05

Note: Crankshaft Only / Special Pistons and Connecting Rods are required For This Crankshaft

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Tomei Crankshaft:

Crankshaft is the parts that change vertical movement of a piston into rotational movement.
It is suffered from explosion load and inertia power, and the load by bend vibration or torsion vibration.

Development target:

Balance rate / Reduction of inertia mass / Stable oil delivery and lubrication / Precision of pin and journal / Reduction of stirring-resistance