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Tomei USA Forged H-Beam Connecting Rod Kit For Mitsubishi 4B11 - 143.75mm (STD/2.3L)

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Connecting Rod Spec:
For OE Pistons or Tomei 2.3L Stroker Pistons
Length C-to-C: 143.75mm - OEM Spec
BE.BORE x WIDTH: 55.0 x 21.9mm
PE.BORE x WIDTH (Bush inner cir): 23.0 x 20.0mm
Material: SNCM439

Conrod Bolt - ARP L19:
Bolt Size: 3/8-24
Height Under Neck: 40mm

Conrod Bearing:
Inner Circum.(mm): 52.0mm
Bearing Width (mm): 17.0mm

Weight: 588.0g

The connecting rods role is to transfer the compressed pressure that the piston receives to the crankshaft. When the connecting rod becomes one with the piston the connecting rods inertial weight and balance then plays a major factor in the smoothness of the engines rotation assembly and durability at high RPM. The weight factor itself will dramatically change the engines characteristics. The overall strength, balance and light weight properties that the TOMEI connecting rod design will take your engine to the next level.


1. Lightweight and high rigidity - Resistant to torsion and has achieved reduction in weight while maintaining the same strength as I beam design.
2. Rigidity of the big end improved by slant design - The shoulder shape is smoothed by making the connecting rod bolts a through bolt type and improving the rigidity of the big end.
3. Rib shaped caps - The rigidity of the connecting rod caps is increased by the two ribs and preventing bearing failure due to deformation of the big end.
4. Large diameter dowel pin - Bearing failure from deformation of the big end is prevented by keeping the high rigidity of the big end with large diameter dowel pin.
5. Oil supplied by 2 ports to the small end - Seizing failure is prevented by increasing the amount of oil supplied, and the offset placement increases strength against pulling at high revolution.
6. High strength ARP L19 bolts - The fatigue strength and tenstile strength are increased compared to the general ARP2000, and the big end is joined more firmly.

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