Engine: VR38DETT

Bore (mm): 95.50 (Stock +/- 0.0)

Pin Dia. (mm): 23.0

Pin Length (mm): 62.0

Clip Inner Dia.: 23.0

Valve Recess: WITH

Comp. Height (mm): 31.20 Stock -3.1)

Piston Dome Vol. (cc): -10.0

Piston Weight (g): 413.0

Pin Weight (g): 133.0

Total Weight (g): 546.0

Top Ring (mm): N/A

Second Ring (mm): N/A

Oil Ring (mm): N/A

Material: A4032

Note: Design and Made By Tomei USA

About Tomei Forged Piston Kit

From the combustion chamber to the cylinder, a piston works inside the core of the engine assembly
where the energy of the explosion is converted into rotational movement. The piston suffers the most
abuse out off all the components inside an engine,
withstanding such factors as the force from constant amounts of massive energy
and severe fluctuation in temperatures.

Hot Points:

1. Forged for light weight and high rigidity

2. Each piston model designed from aluminum Forging

3. 3D profile

4. Compatible with standard and 1mm oversized valve

5. Optimal oil jet clearance

6. Thin piston ring design to reduce friction

7. Pins, rings, and clips included