Application: Nissan 240SX KA24DE

New VALC Profile Poncam Camshafts

Cam Duration: Intake 270 degree / Exhaust 270 degree

Max Cam Lift: Intake 9.82mm / Exhaust 9.82mm

Max Valve Lift: Intake 9.50mm / Exhaust 9.50mm

Valve Timing Clearance: Intake 0.32 +/- 0.01 / Exhaust 0.32 +/- 0.01

Valve Timing Centerline: Intake 125.0 degree / Exhaust 120.0 degree

Base Circle: Intake 33.6mm / Exhaust 33.6mm

1. Stock valve springs compatible
2. The camshaft set is intended for turbo charged engine, when installing on a N/A engine the adjustable cam gears needed - Tomei cam gear part number (TM-TA302A-NS16A)
3. Works best with bolt-on type turbos
4. Stable idle
5. Pre-set valve timing

Contents: Intake Side x 1 cam / Exhaust Side x 1 cam

Introduction of Tomei VALC profile Camshafts:

1. The VALC profile allows the valves to open faster and for longer. This translates to faster lift and increased area under the lift curve which in turn generates more power. (Greater area under the lift curve = greater air intake)

2. Unlike the valve opening, the VALC profile ensures that the valves close at a slower rate, helping to prevent common valve train related issues.

3. With a conventional direct-acting valve train, the maximum lift is usually determined by the size / diameter of the valve lifter. Selecting a high-lift camshaft without taking this into consideration often results in the camshaft lobe travelling beyong the surface of the valve lifter. This cuases the lobe to make contact with the edge of the lifter, damaging both components over time. Therefore, the ideal performance orientated high-lift camshaft needs to have a profile that maximizes lobe travel on the lifter without exceeding the outer edge. VALC profile camshafts have achieved this ideal by deliberately reducing the maximum cam velocity to limit lobe travel on the lifter surface (Maximum cam velocity = lobe travel distance on lifter).