Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4 through 9

Engine: 4G63

Chassis: CN9A / CP9A / CT9A

Material: Metal


Plate x 1 / Bolt M6-35 P=1.0 x 4 / Washer 6.5 x 12 T=1.0 x 4

Note: Excluding August 1996 to September 1996 CN9A models. If you want to use it on these models you can by using the head covers from models after September 1996.


This ornament plate is designed not for just appearance but to also allow the 4G63 ignition coils to vent heat from the raised plate fitment.
This cooling gap helps prevent failures that the coils can face from heat saturation.
Another point is that this will help prevent the rain from falling directly over the coils if the bonnet has a vent directly over the coils.