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Tomei CNC Aluminum Timing Belt Guide For Subaru WRX/STI EJ20/EJ25 Engines

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Tomei Aluminum Timing Belt Guide For Subaru EJ20 / EJ25 Engines

Securely Holds Down The Lengthy EJ Timing Belt:

Horizontally opposed engines ignite their fuel at a structural angle of 180 degrees, increasing the likelihood of camshafts not reaching their maximum lift potential. Consequently, installing high lift camshafts in these engines may induce unnecessary belt vibrations, potentially causing the pulley to disengage from the rotating assembly. Once dislodged, the absence of the pulley in its designated position guarantees contact between valves and pistons, resulting in severe damage. To mitigate this risk, the manufacturer introduced a component known as the belt guide. However, this belt guide, constructed from thin sheet metal, lacks the necessary strength and rigidity to effectively secure the belt and pulley under all circumstances.

Recognizing this challenge, Tomei Powered has engineered a robust belt guide cut from aluminum, boasting an extended length to apply greater tension to the timing belt. This solution proves invaluable when the engine experiences sudden changes in torque, effectively eliminating belt whip. Additionally, the anodized surface of the guide ensures a smooth and precise belt track, further enhancing performance and reliability.

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