Compatibility: Universal Baffle Plate


Material: SUS304
Thickness: t=1mm
Manufacturing Method: Laser Cut

Kit Contents:

Valve Plate (4) / Bracket (4) / Rubber Valve (10) *2 Pare / Bolts M6 (4)

Note: Previous Part#: 194001


A New Universal Baffle Plate That You Can Customize To Suit Any Shape Wet Sump Oil Pans The cars inertial forces from acceleration,
deceleration and cornering will affect the oil in the oil pan. This can also cause the "windage" phenomenon from the sloshing of the oil in the pan.
Controlling these problem factors are an absolute must on performance engines, to prevent terminal engine failure.
When cost factors are in place, or sump upgrade restrictions apply, this is the best affordable upgrade on the market for your engine.