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Engine: EVO 1-9 4G63

Chassis: CD9A / CE9A / CN9A / CP9A / CT9A / CT9W

Type: IN / EX Set


Diameter: 3.60x4.50
Set Length (mm): 39.6
Lift Length (mm): 28.1
Compatible Lift (mm): 11.50
Set Load (kgf): 33.6+/-6%
Lift Load (Kgf): 82.0+/-6%
REV Limit (Ref.): 8000
Material: SWOSC-V
Process: Nitride
Color ID: Nil

Intake Valve Springs x 8
Exhaust Valve Springs x 8

NOTE: Stock EVO 7 Retainers or TOMEI Titanium Retainers are required when using TOMEI Valve Springs on the EVO 8/9 models. Oval Core Wire and High Lift Type.

Development Target:

Reliability in high RPM, and improvement in an initial response
High durability against metal fatigue
High durability against the shocks from jump and bounce
High durability against surging
High sag resistance