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Tomei Valve Spring Set For Nissan Skyline RB20DET / 300ZX VG30DETT

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Tomei High Strength Valve Spring with intake side retainers set for Nissan RB20DET / VG30DETT

Compatible Lift: ~10.25mm
Alignment: 3.90
Free Length: 41.0mm
Set Length: 35.0mm
Lift Length: 25.0mm
Compress Length: 24.0mm
Set Load: Intake 24.2+/-7% kgf
Lift Load: Intake 80.6+/-7% kgf
Material: SWOSC-V
Process: Nitride
Color ID: Blue

Kit Includes:
Intake Valve Springs x 12
Exhaust Valve Springs x 12

Top-tier springs are essential for accurately transferring camshaft movement to valves at high engine speeds in high-performance engines. TOMEI products are meticulously engineered with precision to meet user requirements. This includes careful selection of materials, surface coatings, and incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. Prior to production, prototypes undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, quality, and optimal performance.

Tomei New-Concept Valve Spring Features:

1. Enhanced Oil Tempered Chrome-Silicone Alloy Core - This wire design is optimized for racing applications, effectively reducing jump and bounce to allow for higher RPM limits. Increased fatigue limit enhances overall durability.
2. Variable Stage Unequal Pitch Springs - Each spring is meticulously designed with a set rate to achieve a higher natural frequency, minimizing the risk of resonance and surging.
3. Nitride Treatment - Surface treatment with Nitrogen reinforces spring material strength, ideal for handling stress fatigue. Compatible with high lift camshafts, extending spring lifespan.
4. Shot Penning - Through the application of high-speed strikes from small steel balls, this process enhances the spring surface, elevating its fatigue limit. This treatment is performed during manufacturing.
5. Hot Setting - Preventing permanent deformation caused by high stress loads when hot, additional measures are implemented to prevent "Fading" issues.
6. Oval Core Wire (VQ35, VR38DETT, 4B11/G4KF, KA24DE Applications) - Specifically designed oval shaped spring wire allows for increased compression compared to standard designs, enabling the use of high lift camshafts without compromise.

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