ATS has released the Super Carbon Blade Clutch! With damper springs and carbon friction disc, it is easy and gentle to your car.

The Super Carbon Blade is a combination of the popular blade disc (with damper springs) and the ATS standard aluminum clutch cover & light flywheel. A very similar product was offered in several countries a few years ago from Carbonetic as part of the test marketing. The concept is same. ATS just perfected it.

For the time being, the Super Carbon Blade is available only single disc.

Features of Super Carbon Blade Clutch

  • The carbon disc has damper springs which reduces the impact and noise.

  • The 3 blade carbon disc produces a very smooth shift.

  • With the use of 1,000kg clamping force, the pedal effort is lighter than stock.

  • Slipping operation (half clutch operation) is easy and comfortable.

  • There is no need for worrying about fading & bursting of facing.

  • It can deliver up to 35kg.m torque with the 1,000kg clamping force.

  • ATS carbon does not slip even at a low temperature

  • The disc has an excellent durability

  • The Super Carbon Blade Single Clutch is more economical than the standard Single carbon clutch


  • Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86

  • MT - 6MT

  • Clutch type - Single plate

  • Clamping force - 1000 kg

  • Horsepower guide - 310-330

  • Clutch Effort - Up to 10% ligth or equal to the stock clutch

Kit Includes:
  • ATS Super Carbon Blade Single Clutch x 1

  • ATS Clutch Cover x 1

  • ATS Light Flywheel (9.47lb / 4.3kg) x 1

  • Throwout Bearing x 1

  • Flywheel Bolts x 8