Part Type: Data Acquisition

Product Line: Innovate SSI-4 Plus 4-Channel Interfaces

Notes: Includes serial program cable, Molex patch cable and instruction manual.

Innovate SSI-4 Plus 4-channel interfaces can be used as stand-alone devices for logging data directly into a laptop with the included LogWorks software or used in conjunction with any other MTS (Modular Tuning System) compliant device. Channel 1 is a direct rpm input by default, and can also be configured for external 0-5 V, frequency, or spark reference for ignition timing measurement. Channels 2-4 are configured to digitize external 0-5 V analog signals by default. Channel 2 can directly measure frequencies (like driveshaft speed) or duty cycles (for injectors). Channel 3 can measure rpm from a VR (variable reluctance) sensor, and can also be set up for ignition timing crank angle reference (trigger wheels) or frequency. Input 4 defaults to digitizing external 0-5 V analog signals, but can also be configured as a frequency input. Take control of your vehicle with an Innovate SSI-4 Plus 4-channel interface.