Compatibility: Subaru

Engine: EJ20# / EJ25#

Contents: Baffle Stiffener (comes in 2 pieces). O Ring & Bolts included. Previous Part#: 193036


One of the main causes of engine problems on an EJ20 are the bearings. The majority of the causes of these issues are due to the lack of motor oil in the oil pan (sump) and passages.
Also, the lack of rigidity in the crank case is also another problem facing this engine design. Under extensive research, Tomei Powered which decided to develop a product
that securely remedies these problems. This baffle stiffener will help strengthen the left and right side of the crankcase to help provide the added support with its dual structural design.
The rubber baffle design greatly aids the regulation of the oil supply. This gives added control to reduce blowby for EJ20 owners who use their cars for high performance driving.