Tomei Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold Header

Model: 2015+ Subaru WRX

Engine: FA20DIT

TM-TB6010-SB04B Specs:

Material: SUS304
Pipe Diameter: Engine Side Exit 45mm / Turbine Inlet Side 42mm


Exhaust Manifold
Blind Bolt
Upgraded Thermal Bandage (Titan Exhaust Bandage)
Bandage Band
Installation Manual
Bolt Smooth Paste

Every flaw of the OEM header has been addressed and improvised during the development of the Tomei header, resulting in power gains you can feel throughout the powerband of the car. The OEM headers restrict air flow resulting in lose of power and efficiency. Tomei headers do not restrict air flow thous resulting in an increase in power and efficiency.

2.High Flow Piping Design:
The flaw of the OEM headers greatly restrict exhaust gas flow after the engine port and before the turbine port, unlike the OEM, Tomei headers are designed with four 45mm diameter pipes from the engine side flange to the collector and smoothly merge into two 42mm turbine flange ports. This piping design greatly improves the exhaust gas flow so as to the power and efficiency of the engine output.

3.Efficient Power:
Equal length piping produces smooth and efficient power of your engine, you could feel the responsiveness throughout the powerband which improving the driving pleasure.

4.Ultra High Quality:
We design the Lost Wax type strength flange. We are particular about the welding and exhaust efficiency is improved very much.

5.Lightweight and Rust Proof:
We select SUS304 stainless steel which is lightweight and rust-proof.

6.Easy Installation:
We prepared bolts, gaskets, and easy and full instruction manual for privator. Everybody can install.

For Offroad Used Only