Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold Header Ver. 2

Model: Infiniti G35

Engine: VQ35DE

Chassis: CPV35 MT / AT

TM-TB6010-NS04A Specs:

Material: SUS304
Pipe Diameter: Main 42.7mm / Exit 60mm
Pipe Thickness: 1.5mm
Weight: 6.3 kg (Normal 6.8 kg)


Exhaust Manifold
Heat Shield
Stick On Heat Insulation
Insulation Tube
Tie Wrap
Engine Side Gasket
Catalyst Side Gasket
Heater Pipe Gasket
Water Pipe O-Ring
Flange Nut
Upgraded Thermal Bandage (Titan Exhaust Bandage) 20m x 5cm
Bolt Smooth Paste
Installation Manual

The NA Sports Feel Has Evolved To An All New Level. The 1st Version design had the targets of Sharp throttle response, Sports engine enjoyment and True race exhaust sound. The new version 2 design has all those target aspects met with the additional target of increased power gains. The designs were made and time painstakingly tested both on the engine bench Dyno in a controller environment and on the car in real life uses in the Z Masters race series in Japan. With these tests we found to have excelled in additional performance gains from the previous 1st Version model.

The Expreme Performance:
RESPONSE: Instant throttle response which delivers a real race engine experience and feel.
TORQUE: Improved mid range torque. More torque gives your 3500cc engine more grunt and more fun.
POWER: More power in higher RPM range which makes a big difference between the factory settings and our EXPREME upgrade.
SOUND: The 1.5mm thin 304 stainless steel will deliver the harmonics of a dry racing sound. The feeling will exceed the famous Ferrari F355.
LIGHT WEIGHT: The super lightweight design flange and 1.5mm pipe were adopted for the optimum performance benefits. The end result was a reduction of 9.1kg. (When combined) the lighter weight will affect the cars handling with a lighter front end will make it easier whilst turning.

For Offroad Use Only