Tomei Expreme Outlet Component Ver.2 - Wide Mouth Turbine Outlet + Front Pipe

Model: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution EVO 7 / EVO 8 / EVO 9

Engine: 4G63

Chassis: CT9A


Turbine Outlet Specs:

Material: Full SUS304 (Stock: Cast Iron)
Volume: 940cc (Stock: 690)
Exit Pipe Diameter 73.3 (Stock: 56.5)
Flange Thickness: Front: 11.0 (Stock: 13.5) / Rear 11.5 (Stock 14.5)
Weight: 1.75 kg (Stock: 3.0 kg)

Front Pipe Specs:

Material: Main:SUS304 / Flange: Iron (Stock: Main: Cast Iron / Flange: Steel Sheet)
Pipe Diameter 76.3 (Stock: 60.5)
Pipe Thickness: 1.5mm
Flange Thickness: Front: 11.5 (Stock: 20) / Rear 12.0 (Stock 12.0)
Weight: 4.05 kg (Stock: 4.8 kg)


Turbine Outlet
Front Pipe
Flange Bolt
Stud Bolt
Stud Bolt M10-40 P=1.25 (Thread 12/26)
Aluminum Spacer
Hex Nut
Copper Washer
Blind Bolt
Bolt Smooth Paste
Upgraded Thermal Bandage (Titan Exhaust Bandage) 20m x 5cm
Bandage Band

The increased diameter and flow capacity improves exhaust efficiency whilst reducing secondary exhaust pressure.
The ver.2 was developed to cope with the demands of advanced 4G63 tuning.
In addition, the 74% overall weight reduction improves the vehicle’s responsiveness.

Note: This item also fits Evo IX wagon.

For Offroad Use Only