Maker: Nissan

Chassis: BNR32 / 34 /BCNR33 Engine: RB26DETT
Chassis: R32 Engine: RB20DET
Chassis: R33 / R34 Engine: RB25DET
Chassis: (R)PS13 / S14 / S15
Chassis: Z32

Maker: Subaru

Chassis: GC8 / GF8 Engine: EJ20G / EJ20K / EJ205 / EJ207
Chassis: GDB / GDA Engine: EJ205 / EJ207
Chassis: BC5 / BF5 Engine: EJ20G
Chassis: BD5 / BG5 Engine: EJ20H / EJ20R
Chassis: BE6 / BH5 Engine: EJ206 / EJ208
Chassis: SF5 /SG9 Engine: EJ20G / EJ205 / EJ255

Maker: Toyota

Chassis: EP82 / EP91 Engine: 4E / FET
Chassis: JZS147 Engine: 2JZ-GTE
Chassis: JZA80 (Excluding till 97' Aug VVT-i) Engine: 2JZ-GTE
Chassis: AE86 Engine: 4A-GE
Chassis: SXE10 Engine: 3S-GE

Note: Previous Part#: 185106

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