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Tomei RB26DETT Gasket Combination

Engine: RB26DETT


Head Gasket: Bore: 87.0 / Thickness: 1.5mm/ Material: Metal / Cross section: 1.5mm / Bead Type: Flat Type / Seal Type: Grommet Type

Throttle Gasket: Made by Steel / Fluorine Coating / Bead Type

Intake Manifold Gasket: Made by Steel / t=0.38 / Bead Type

Exhaust Manifold Gasket: Made by Steel (3 Core) / t=1.3 / Bead Type


Head Gasket x 1
Throttle Gasket x 6
Intake Manifold Gasket x 1
Exhaust Manifold Gasket x 2
Oil Gallery Orifice x 1