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Tomei Ultra Durable High Performance Timing Belt For Honda B16B/B18C Engines

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Tomei Ultra-Durable, High Performance Timing Belt For Honda B16B B18C Engines

Teeth: 126
Belt Width: 26mm

  • Enhanced Durability: Utilizing premium-grade materials renowned for their exceptional resistance to heat, stretching, and engine fluids significantly boosts the longevity of these belts.
  • Advanced Materials: The belt teeth feature a specialized fiber-infused rubber compound and a wear-resistant, low-friction cover fabric, surpassing traditional OEM counterparts. This upgrade not only extends belt lifespan but also reduces operational noise.
  • Reinforced Tensile Cord: High-tensile-strength glass fiber cords reinforce the belt, minimizing stretch even under heavy loads.
  • Protective Top Layer: A crack-resistant, low-friction blue top layer helps prolong belt lifespan while maintaining minimal operating noise.
  • Noise Reduction: The wear-resistant, low-friction top layer and cover fabric contribute to quieter operation.
  • Precision Engineering: Each belt is meticulously crafted to ensure precise engine timing, delivering consistent high performance.

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