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Compatibility: Lancer Evolution EVO 10 4B11

Chassis: CZ4A

Turbo Suction Hose with 60mm Diameter Elbow Type For Stock Turbo


Maximum Intake Efficiency Dramatically Improves power, torque and response!

Increased Flow Capacity:

The enlarged turbo suction hose and enlarged turbo inlet elbow features a combined
capacity of 135% vs the stock setup!
Together with the smoother bends, this allows for a dramatic improvement
in air flow efficiency to the turbo resulting in a significant performance increase.

Minimal Flow Resistance:

Eliminating the accordion-style design found on the stock unit greatly reduces
the build up of turbulence for a smoother, more efficient flow of air to the turbo.
In addition, the various connecting tubes have also been streamlined to further improve the hose's flow efficiency.

Includes Blind Plug For Solenoid Return:

Each kit includes a blind plug to use in place of the boost solenoid return nipple
when using devices such as an aftermarket boost controller/solenoid.

Flex Resistant, Highly Durable Materials / Construction:

The hoses are made using heat resistant, highly durable, fiber reinforced 4 ply silicon,
infused with steel wires for maximum durability.
Not only does this prevent the hose from collapsing/flexing under load,
it also improves it's longevity as well, allowing it to sustain a high level of performance over time.

Compatible With SST Models:

This kit is also compatible with SST models despite being significantly larger in capacity.
(similar products from some manufacturers will interfere with the SST gear box)



Air Box Side ID: Tomei 79 Diameter / Stock 79 Diameter
Turbo Side ID: Tomei 77 Diameter / Stock 64 Diameter
Volume: Tomei 1655 cc / Stock 1230cc


Suction Hose Side ID: Tomei 70 Diameter / Stock 60 Diameter
Turbo Side ID: Tomei 60 or 63 Diameter *Please see part number / Stock 60 Diameter
Volume: Tomei 363 / 370cc / Stock 275cc