Model: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Engine: 4B11

Chassis: CZ4A

Type: IN / EX Set


Compatible Lift (mm): ~12.0
Diameter: 3.40x4.25
Set Length (mm): 35.0
Lift Length (mm): 23.0
Compatible Lift (mm): 12.00
Set Load (kgf): 27.0+/-7%
Lift Load (Kgf): 85.0+/-7%
REV Limit (Ref.): 8500
Material: SWOSC-V
Process: Nitride
Color ID: L Blue

Intake Valve Springs x 8
Exhaust Valve Springs x 8

Tomei Valve Spring:

High quality designed springs is required to transfer the exact movement of the camshaft to the valves at high engine speeds on high performance engines. The TOMEI products are always engineered with precision in mind to suit the user’s needs. So with this in mind careful choices in material selection is made with surface coating and other technologies. Then the pre-production products are put through an extensive testing program for checking durability, quality and performance. Tomei spends time and money to help you save your valuable time and money.

Development Target:

Reliability in high RPM, and improvement in an initial response
High durability against metal fatigue
High durability against the shocks from jump and bounce
High durability against surging
High sag resistance